November 6th, 2008

boo sleepy

looking for a ride Bay Area to Loscon

Anyone driving from the Bay Area to Loscon? I'd be happy to share driving and/or gas expenses. I can drive stick or automatic, and I have insurance and a clean record. I would prefer not to take my car, but would be willing to take it if someone else needs a ride.

I could take BART or Caltrain to meet you, or drive my car to your place if there's parking.

Will soon post to Loscon group if I don't get a response. Thanks!
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Proper utf-8 from mIRC

Yay, finally figured out how to get mIRC to type in Japanese properly so I can see it from irssi. If that doesn't make any sense to you, this probably won't interest you.

This is using the Sysreset mIRC package by the way.

view: font: ms mincho, script japanese, utf-8 display and encode
then tools: options, irc:messages, sjis uncheck, and check all of these:
multibyte display, multibyte editbox, utf-8 display, font linking, and parse ansi codes

In other news, I was playing with Windows because I got a 2.2GHz P4 for $60. The RAM is only 256 megs, and the hard drive is only 40 gigs, but those are easy enough to fix. I will upgrade it to Ubuntu once the hardware is upgraded. Yay Craigslist.