August 24th, 2008


bad kittie(s)

Last night, both cats were hanging out by the open door / screen door, when I heard fighting. I don't know whether Boo did anything first, but Charybdis was attacking Boo when I got there, and they were both being very loud.

Boo has been more affectionate with me lately than he used to be. I wonder if she is jealous.

I got the squirt bottle and chased them into the bedroom, but squirting her wasn't slowing her down much, so I wound up throwing the bottle at her. I broke the bottle, and finally squeezed water all over her with it. Boo ran off, and I shut her in the bedroom for a bit.

I later herded her into the bathroom and went to bed. The kitty door in the bathroom door was locked, but she got out anyway by morning. She seemed fine again until Boo tried to walk past. She ran after him, knocking over my laptop. I threw something between them to break it up, then chased her and threw clothing over her, finally getting her back into the bedroom.

I taped over the cat door... maybe it'll work for now, and I got her back into the bathroom.

They've lived together for years now. I'm rather confused.

Edit: That tape didn't hold for long.
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8/24/08 good kitties

Yay, kept them separated most of the day, bathed them, and reintroduced them with petting and brushing.
08 good kitties

It's hard to see, but Boo is in the higher perch with his butt towards Charybdis. I figured if they smelled the same it might help... plus the bathing trauma might take their mind off the recent fighting. :)