September 2nd, 2007

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eigo no fan bideo paatei

The English language fan video party was a success! My half of the party room was a bit smaller than the Friendly Norwegian party half, but much better laid out for the projector. I had the tatami mat area, and up to 10 people at a time watching videos. After a little while, the other party got very loud and spilled over to right near our half, so someone got the idea to close the sliding screen, which helped a lot.

It was my first time seeing Kevin's Doctor Who videos, and I was impressed with how like the old series it was. I especially liked the credits, the breaking up of the stories into sections, and the cliffhanger type breaks in the stories. It also really got into the spirit of creatively writing around special effect and budget limitations. :) The people watching it liked it as well.

Frank Wu's Guidolon had two showings, because a woman showed up to see that and got there too late. People were amused. :) Eric in the Elevator had a lot of laughs, and people liked the ribbons. When the Scentinels was about to start at midnight, a lot of people left, but there were people around for most of it. The fork jokes got particular notice.

Thanks to everyone who submitted and everyone who attended! And thanks to the Norwegians too for sharing the space and the cost! See you guys in Denver.
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pre-emptive nostalgia

I've been nostalgic about Japan for a few days now, even though I don't leave till tomorrow.

Morning though, have to get up early, bah. I have to stop over in Texas. I don't want to go to Texas. Nothing against Texas, really, other than the fact that I don't like Texas much. :P

I think switching over to mostly using English will be easy enough, though I think the auto-bow will take longer to go away. Greeting someone? Bow. Buying something? Bow. Walking past hotel staff and you make eye contact? Bow.

Well, that's all for now. *Bow*
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