April 9th, 2007


100 kanji a week anyone?

My recent Japanese practice has been watching anime. Listening is not so bad... reading and writing, well...

So I was pondering what I could do to *quickly* improve my kanji skills before I head off for Comiket and Worldcon. I figure if I attempt to learn 12 kanji each weekday and 20 each Saturday and Sunday, that's 100 per week, so I'd study about 1800 kanji. According to About.com:

In 1981, the Japanese Ministry of Education published their "Joyo kanji" list, an official listing of 1,945 kanji characters. The list comprises all the kanji you might expect to encounter in "everyday use" - on signs, in newspapers and so on. Japanese children have to learn all 1,945 Joyo kanji by the time they leave high school.

I'd be pretty close to that. Then I figured, other people might be interested, but I wouldn't want to flood my own journal with stuff about it. So, for me and whoever else is interested, I present:


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