March 10th, 2007


Westercon anime volunteers, anyone?

Still working out the details, but I will be running anime for Westercon 60, 4th of July weekend, at the San Mateo Marriott. We might have the room from Friday through Wednesday, and the hours will be up to me.

Have suggestions? Is there some series you wish to watch in its entirety? (Hopefully 26 episodes or fewer.) Want to sit in a room watching anime with other people? :) Btw, staff rates are only $30 for the weekend.

I saw one of the rooms I might get for it. It has a 52" flat screen on the wall, so I won't even have to set up a projector. Nice.

Note: Yes, same weekend as Anime Expo in Southern California, which is relatively new. Westercon has been 4th of July weekend since the 1940's.
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