February 26th, 2007

double lion

Cookies! And other Condor stuff

Too much Guu! Yay.

thechick found a cookie cutter last year that is supposed to be two crossed candy canes. But it really looks like a pokute, a weird little jungle creature from Guu. One can be seen on this page: http://www.hareguu.com/downloads/ (It's the pink creature vaguely shaped like two crossed candy canes.)

The cookie cutter was temporarily misplaced! While I was searching for a replacement, I came upon instructions for making a cookie cutter. Special thanks to Strong-Tie for their excellent steel.

jungle critter shape bent from steel

I was going to overlap the end and screw it together, but I ran out of steel, so I used a twist tie to hold the ends together.

Now our 15-episode marathon of Guu at Condor will have themed cookies! Hooray. I also have ribbons that say "Brain turned to Guu" for those who stay for a few episodes.

Anime Music Video Contest

I'm also throwing my first AMV contest at Condor. I've been to several such contests, and I always wind up seeing some videos I'd like to download. Sometimes I can get a spare ballot, but that's kind of a pain, and sometimes it doesn't have a lot of information. Sometimes I can't even remember which video was which when I'm voting!

So, I went overboard and created a ballot and a handout. The handout has a greyscaled screen shot of each AMV, the creator's fan name or name, the title, anime, music, length, country of origin, and animemusicvideos.org link if available. I'll include a copy with prizes I send out, and I'll send a pdf to those who couldn't attend and didn't win. Of course, I'll also post on the animemusicvideos.org forums with a list of the videos and the winners.

Cat Tree Grove

I recently acquired another cat tree, and I think I've set up a nice array of cat furniture. Behind the Collapse )
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