January 9th, 2007


Googling old friends

An IRC friend mentioned getting a clarinet-related gift, and suddenly I found myself wondering about the girl I had a crush on in high school, who I bought clarinet reeds for for her birthday about 20 years ago.

She's a lesbian mother of two, and she's been with her partner for 18 years. I think I tracked down her email address... waiting to see if she responds.
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AMV Contest, March 3, San Diego.

How many entries would you really expect at an anime music video contest at a small San Diego science fiction convention? Well, I've got two so far. And I'll throw in a few of my own if I have to (or if I feel like it)!

I'm running the anime room for Condor, and I decided to try an AMV contest. The contest is Saturday evening, March 3, 2006, at Condor in San Diego, CA. Bet some of you are or know AMV creators besides me...

Deadline for submissions is February 13, 2007.
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