August 27th, 2006


ashi's mostly-relaxing worldcon adventure!

Short version of my completely biased summary: Yay for week with nolly and Disneyland together, on Bat's Day no less. Worked a bit for info desk, busy busy, saw why nolly was so busy most of the con. Worked for Westercon 60 table a bit (woo, Westercon in San Jose in 2007). Made it to a few panels. Initiated into some club, apparently run by kiuricumber, which got me my "Want some toast?" ribbon. Must make more cool ribbons to give out.

Helped with the eric_in_elevatr party, and got a room service dinner out of the deal and had lots of fun. Stayed up till 4am, met up with dzayde and friends, and drove home.

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