December 11th, 2005


ASL Deaf joke...

My teacher told this one to our class Thursday night. He said it's a very old Deaf joke. It only works with ASL, but with the visual cue behind the cut, anyone who can view the image behind the cut should be able to get it.

Before there were automatic train crossings, a man lived in a house right by a crossing, and his job was to lower the crossing bars when a train came and raise them back up when there was no train.

A Deaf man got to the crossing and saw the bars were down, but there was no train. He thought and thought about what to do. Finally, he jotted down a note, got out of his car, and knocked on the crossing keeper's house. He showed the note to the man, but the crossing guard had no idea what the Deaf man wanted.

The note said: "Please but."

Get it? Here's a Collapse )

So, now my new user icon should make sense to you. Special thanks to the ASL Browser site.
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