November 27th, 2005


Loscon 2005 report, 2006 plans

Loscon was lots of fun. I spent time with nolly, saw lots of familiar people, worked 3 hours as a door guard at the dealers' room, ate free food and what little I brought with me, saw a little anime, got some ideas for future events, and generally had a fun time.

The church service this morning by Father John was nice, and I had Catholic-style communion (not much different from Anglican in my opinion). We could hear filk on one side from the handfasting ceremony on one side, and Card Captor Sakura from the anime room on the other side. It was nice, and I had plenty of time for reflection.

Soon I will post my insane con schedule for 2006. Oh, why not? I can list them for now without all the fancy links.

Further Confusion (cheap: no hotel room, no time off required)
Anime L.A. (Plus Chinese New Year's party)
Gallifrey One
Anime Oasis (only one out of California that year: yay, Idaho)
Condor (running the anime room)
Fanime (same weekend as Baycon, whee.)
Westercon in San Diego (running the anime room)
Anime O.D. (cheap: no hotel room needed, no time off required)
Worldcon in L.A.

Yes, 13 cons. Just getting all that time off will be interesting, though I think I already have enough hours saved up. The two that would be easiest to cut out are cheap and local anyway, Further Confusion and Anime O.D. Whee.
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Please pass the kleenex.

If I run the Saikano marathon (anime series, love, war, death... depressing!) at Condor in my anime room, I am considering offering the following to attendees:

stuffed animals to hold
caffeinated mints
a special badge ribbon for those who make it to the end... and maybe a few t-shirts I'd give away.

Any thoughts? Maybe I can run a different marathon the other night.

I'm also soliciting staff to help me run the anime room. Memberships will be covered, and you'd be able to catch a ride from the Bay Area to San Diego or anywhere along the way. I will run the Saikano marathon myself, though you'd be welcome to attend and offer a shoulder to cry on. Thank you.
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