November 23rd, 2005


Off for a week.

I'm off for a week of fun, adventure, La Quinta Inn Bakersfield, Mom's place, the LAX Marriot, dzayde's place, and car paint. Car paint... I just *now* realised the car paint is in my room at home, and should instead be in the car. Maybe I can stop by home on my lunch break. I started to leave the house w/o my phone this morning, until I wondered why there was no music playing.

Clothes, toiletries, the suitcase PC, the wireless adaptor, and a monitor in case I don't want to use the projector, are all packed in the car. Oh, and ears to wear at Loscon when I feel so inclined, in lieu of an actual costume.

thespatula isn't going, so she'll be around to wait on the kitties. Thank you!

I'll probably be on IRC, instant messengers, and Livejournal here and there.
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