August 29th, 2005



Peet's new African Blend coffee has a rich, full-bodied flavour with a hint of unsweetened chocolate bar thrown onto a hot barbecue grill for 25 seconds. I recommend trying it.

"Peach Girl" manga/drama/anime is full of lies and back-stabbing drama. I find it fun, and some of the characters likable. Heck, even Sae (Sha Hui in the Taiwanese drama) is a fun villain I can appreciate.

"Lost in Translation" is a nice relaxing movie about finding something to do in Tokyo. Two married people (not to each other) let down their guard and hang out.

Summer used to mean 3 months away from school, family vacations, and fun things like Disneyland. Now that there isn't a big long vacation involved, I don't see much point. It gets too hot, and I don't feel like doing much. At least work days involve air conditioning for me, which they glady pay for. Sure, I have it at home, but not in my room. If I were well off, I'd consider going south for their winter during our summer and just avoid the season completely.

Uncle Eddie's vegan cookies are yummy. Mmmm.
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Paypal saves kitties (TM).

I can vouch for this one... it isn't fake. So, if you trust me, you can trust this one. I've petteded this kitty, and he's a sweetie.

Sushi has bad urinary tract problems, including stones. dzayde just posted pics and a Paypal donation button (it was my idea). If you feel so moved, please donate, especially if you've been fortunate enough to meet Sushi. Now back to your regularly scheduled memes and such.
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