June 17th, 2005


Winter in .AU-gust.

I'm heading off to Melbourne August 4-13 to visit rickybuchanan. I won't actually arrive in Melbourne until the 6th though... gotta love time zones. The trip back will all occur on the same day.

On August 4th, I will be hanging around LAX from about 3:30pm until my flight leaves at 11:40pm, so I'm going to try to find *something* to amuse myself with in the area.

I'll be spending a lot of time with Ricky, but I'll probably also meet up with a few other people while I'm in the area.

I also plan to enjoy a nice break from the summer. Yes, that's why I planned to go when it's summer here and winter there.

My accent is pretty fluid, and I'm not wondering whether I'll pick one up while I'm Down Under... I'm wondering how long it will stick with me after I get home!
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