April 5th, 2005


And I would read 500 posts...

Yes, I was about 500 messages behind... caught up yesterday and today. I skimmed a lot... hopefully didn't miss anything too important.

Seattle and Portland were fun. Peet's next door to Powell's has vegan brownies. Yum.

My car, Yumi, grew a 5th gear and is much happier and quieter. Thanks, cheeseboy, for pimping my ride.

"Amelie" is a great, fun movie. "The Hole" was entertaining, a fun little ride-along with a psychopath.

I have a new translator to help with the Taiwanese Marmalade Boy drama. ^_^


Hardware geeking ahead

So, I want to co-locate my server officially. I can park a 1U locally with 1Mbit up and down, unlimited usage of that megabit, UPS, free reboots, 24/7 access, for $55 a month.

I want to up the reliability further by getting an ITX motherboard & 1U case designed for it, and do a mirrored drive. I've been impressed with my ITX suitcase's low power consumption and low heat (and low noise, but that isn't such a big deal for a co-lo).

I can buy a Travla C146 1U case locally. Stats:

Does this seem reasonable? Any geeks want to give me input before I start buying parts? Thanks.