March 30th, 2005



Let me know soon if you want vegan donuts from Mighty O:

How many? What kind? I'll be getting zippable bags so they'll stay fresher this time.

From the site: "Some of our favorites include: Lots O' Chocolate, Lemon Poppy, French Toast, Chocolate Raspberry, Cuckoo for Coconut, Blueberry, and Good old Glazed. Our selections vary daily and the possibilities are endless."

I'll be calling them today so they'll make enough for me for tomorrow. We can arrange how you want to get them when I get back to San Jose.
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Silly chocolate game

I meant to post about this before. It's a puzzle from a carton of chocolate Silk. How many words can you make using the letters in "chocolate"?

20 was supposed to be really good. Together with thespatula, we came up with 42. I'll reply with our answers later and see how many new ones people get if they want to play. :)
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