February 26th, 2005


Catch me; I'm falling.

Ugh, waking up on a Saturday for work is annoying. Actually, I think it's the fact that the thermostat isn't setup for the early wake-up blast of heat. This confirms that it really does make a difference... I really had to drag myself out of bed this morning.

I finished my taxes last night. Yay \o/.

I leave you with some Collapse )
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new community

I know some of you others out there must be addicted to buying domain names. Come join us.


I posted about my latest domain, which Firefox and Mozilla like (as long as you have Japanese language support), but Internet Explorer doesn't, which amuses me.
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Scheduling Fun

So of course I pointed http://あし.com (http://xn--l8jzb.com/ for the hiragana-impaired or I.E. users) to my home page and showed it to people. Then I realised it was pretty out of date about my cars, and the calendar showed events from 2002 and 2003!

I was working on January 2006 and realised:

Anime Los Angeles 2 is January 27-29
Chinese New Year's Eve is January 28

I'm not going to miss Anime L.A. Heck, I told them I'd do panels again. I don't want to skip out on New Year's either. Anyone up for Chinese New Year's in Van Nuys in 2006? Thoughts?
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