February 20th, 2005


Mentone, revisited

I asked my mom on Thursday whether she'd heard of Mentone. Yes, she had been there. My paternal grandmother Myrt lived in a home there the last few years of her life. She died when I was only a few years old, but I have a vague memory or two of her.

She didn't recall the Donut Hut though.
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Truck load of General Lees
I saw this truck full of copies of the General Lee today at the motel parking lot near Flying J on the Grapevine (a mountain pass a little north of Magic Mountain).
As a kid, I was a fan of The Dukes of Hazzard... eep! I was just looking for the IMDB link to the old 1979 series to put with the title, and I found an entry for a 2005 movie! Well, that might explain why a truckload of them is being moved around. In case you aren't familiar with the premise, it's about the Duke family and their back-woods adventures, including outrunning crooked cops, in Hazzard County. The main things I remember from it are the orange car pictured, and Daisy Duke, whose outfit of choice helped coin the term "Daisy Duke shorts."

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The con (Gallifrey One) was very fun, entertaining, and relaxing. nolly gave me nifty cool Japanese stuff and was nifty and nolly-like. I had a nap friday, massage and long bath on Saturday, before attempting to dance at the dance. Note: A dance mix of "Hit Me Baby One More Time" by Britney is not a good choice for a con dance. Pearl was being non-vocal (voice mostly gone), so I got to practice my ASL. I really want to continue with that. Maybe I'll sign up for the online class that sarahemm is in.
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