February 16th, 2005


Inland Empire memories

I saw the phrase "Inland Empire" in a posting today, and some memories came back to me. I can almost taste the donuts...

See, there was a C/FO chapter in Redlands, California, called C/FO Inland Empire. C/FO was the Cartoon/Fantasy Organization, which started in Los Angeles and had chapters all over the place, and is now down to just Los Angeles again, which is part of LASFS. I lived in Fullerton, about an hour away from Redlands, and it was something to do. It was kind of novel to drive out to the desert for an anime club. Wayne Wright was head of that chapter, and there was this girl from San Bernardino who went, Jennifer. I had a crush on her.

When we were in town for one of those meetings, we wandered down Highway 38 (Lugonia Blvd / Mentone Blvd) into the small town of Mentone. It had a tiny building that was a library, and a Donut Hut. We, like, totally had to stop at Donut Hut, and it was tasty. It became a sort of special find. We went back a few more times, but the last time, there were a lot of flies in the donut display case. It apparently shut down in 1995... we must have gone there in the late 80's.

If I find my way back there, I'll try to find the closed-down restaurant and (hopefully still active) library and take pictures.
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