November 9th, 2004


DSL ^_^

Finally, I found a company that will sell me DSL, and not iDSL.

Warning, bandwidth geekery and discussions of money ahead.

Covad can provide me with Dedicated Loop SOHO 1.5/384 service for $64.95 a month, 1 year contract, some setup fees. I can provide my own router to save money... one of the ones they'll accept goes for pretty cheap on eBay. It comes with one static IP, $10 extra a month for 5 of them.

That's 1.5 Mbit down, 384 kbit up, or about 164 kb/s down & 42 kb/s up. I currently pay close to $100 a month for Comcast Pro, 4 Mbit down and 384 kbit up, but I mostly went Pro for the 384 kbit up. I rarely am able to use the full 4 Mbit down anyway.

This will also fix my problem of communication between computers in my house. I didn't go through a router, so each computer was assigned a different gateway router somewhere in the Comcast network... so basically, sending files between my computers took longer than sending them to my IRC friends all over the world. Longer? Well, the packets were going out through the Comcast "modem," from one router in their network to another, and back through the same "modem." I cheated with Windows computers by forcing them to use Netbios, which can't route outside my home network, but I couldn't get my Mac to use Netbios.

So, grab a router on eBay, then it'll be time to order the service! Hopefully some day I'll be able to get even more bandwidth without resorting to T1 (or T1 prices will drop).
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