June 26th, 2004


Progress 1

As promised, progress pictures. I did some vacuuming today too.


Okay, the first four are gratuitous Charybdis pictures. She was being cute. Notice how she likes sitting in the donut box.

Number 6 shows two paper bags, one for trash and one for recycling. Unfortunately, the trash and recycling bins were not picked up today, and they're totally full (yes, I climbed in to stomp them both a few times). Hopefully tomorrow they'll get emptied.

The last three show the "hall of other people's stuff." As I cleared out my junk, I was impressed with just how much stuff in here was not mine. I expect the hall to collect a bit more stuff, but it's mostly complete.

Maybe in the next set I'll show off the hall closet, which now sports a nifty shelving unit.


Has anyone who has come over to my house in the last year or so, or whose stuff might have gotten mixed in with mine, lost a Netflix DVD?
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