September 20th, 2003


East Bay Adventure, or Warm Potato-Worm Pudding

So, I was bored and looking for something to do. cheesybunny was going off to a Unitarian counsel conference, and wondered if I wanted to take her there and hang out in Berkeley beforehand. Let me think... Yes!

So we went and, with Bug's help, found the New World Vegetarian restaurant in Oakland. We shared spicey fish and bbq chicken (both vegetarian meat-like-textured substances). They were both very yummy. Mmm. I can't believe how good the fish substitute is... omnivores and vegans agree!

For dessert, we had vegan flan and vegan taro root pudding. The flan was very good, indistinguishable from my memory of the eggy kind, and Cheesybunny said it was actually a smoother, nicer texture than the real thing. The pudding... that was another story.

It was supposed to be some form of tapioca pudding. It did have tapioca pearls in it. It also had bits of green stuff, something like potato chunks (taro root?), and something that was a bit worm-like. They weren't worms, but I don't know what they were. Did I mention the pudding was warm? The worst part was the texture. Together we finished maybe 1/8th of it before we decided we were quite done with it.

We stopped by Bug's to visit briefly and get directions to the chuch formerly known as the First Unitarian Church of Kensington, which was for some reason changed to the Unitarian Berkeley Fellowship, or something like that (think about the original abbreviation...). We got a bit lost, but finally, I dropped her off and drove back to Bug's to visit. As I pulled up, my phone rang. It was Cheesybunny's mom... there was no one there at the church, and could I go back and get her?

She called again on the way there to tell me it was at the Unitarian church that is actually in Berkeley. She gave us directions on the way, which had a critical error, and sent us on a wild chase for a street that only exists on the other side of University Avenue. After hours of driving around, we got to the right church. I hung out for a while, but left when they all started going to bed, since I wasn't tired yet and had no Melatonin handy. Mental note: keep some in the car...

A bit tiring, but a fun adventure nonetheless...

Anthony's Good Day

So, I woke up and called Anthony. I told him what freeway and exit I'm near, and he lives in the same area! We met at the local Starbucks like 5 minutes later. He was very happy, shook my hand again, and gave me $5 "for gas or Starbucks or whatever." He also said that I had his number and to call if I was every in a situation like he was in.

I had a large iced soy chai. Mmmm.

The end.