July 18th, 2003


Mum, Nolly, a con, and a cat

This is the first time I've driven far away on a short (3-night) weekend. I hope the drive home tonight with Charybdis isn't too bad. Did I mention she's coming to live with me? If I remember correctly, she's 10 years old and 10 pounds, with long hair, and extra-lazy. :) I'll get pictures up when I can.

Visit with Mum was good. Found out more disturbing things about one of my cousins, and cried over that a bit.

Visit with nolly is going quite nicely. She has to work today, and I'll probably be on the road by the time she's done there for the day. I'll see her a bit when she wakes up.

Going to check out San Diego Comic Con for a while. I hope I can sleep a little more before I go home.

I haven't seen "Pirates of the Caribbean" since Tuesday. Maybe I can catch a showing Saturday. Arrrr.
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