June 17th, 2003


13 years in review

So, I found a friend from my old church online that I hadn't talked to in 13 years or so and emailed her a few days back.

Tonight I got a response. Included was this:

"So how is like what have you done for the last 13 years?"

I proceeded to write a Reader's Digest condensed version of the highlights of my life of last 13 years. She did ask for it...

It's an odd feeling reviewing my life since I struck out on my own and moved from Southern to Northern California, and seeing that I really have accomplished some things and changed a lot over the years.

Cheap garlic mashed potatoes at the office

I brought my blender to work again to make smoothies. Since I'm alone at night in this building, the noise won't bother anyone, and I'm 1. saving money that would have gone to Jamba Juice, and 2. getting my own yummy smoothies when they aren't open.

I started with variations on the Orange Julius recipe posted a while back in vegrecipes, then did a soy milk-chocolate-syrup-banana smoothie, but I realised I didn't have anything "solid" enough to eat tonight, and I was very low on spendable money. So, a very cheap entree...

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