May 30th, 2003


Baycon 2003 in stream-of-consciousness order

I remember this BayCon pretty well, but thanks to my attempts to sleep at night, and having to work overnight Sunday night of con, I have little idea what went on when, so here it is in the order it flows out of my mind.

Snuggling with Nolly.
Fluxx and kisses.
Sleep at night, sleep in the day, sleep under my desk, not enough sleep.

Free LAN! Networked 4 computers in our room. Share anime with the hotel via the LAN? No, maybe if I'd chosen a real IP address when I set up. Hmm, next time...

Parties! Screamworks? Too loud. I only got a few steps in. Some party with incense... had a weird air to it. Gaylaxicon/Conjecture? Yes! Mmm, vacuum-packed guacamole from Costco and tortilla chips. I stayed there a while, and suggested to Alan, the 2004 chair and part-thrower, that he attend Yaoicon this year and promote Gaylaxicon. Rule 6 party: yes. Massages and cuddling, singing and conversation. I was the last one to leave of those who left.

I missed out on the dances, art show, panels, filking, anime programming, move-in/move-out. I didn't throw a party, have a dealer's table, babysit, or help out with a fan table (I was going to do the latter, but never got my timing right ofr it). I did get to hold a baby for a while, and that was really cool. I briefly saw the dealer's room, boffing, and gaming.

I caught up with old friends, and didn't know much about what my close friends were up to a lot of the time until reading their journals during the con or after the con. I did respond to one journal entry by making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the hungry journaller who was sitting in the room with me.

I ate a lot of peanut butter and jelly. I also had watermelon, party food, and a portobello mushroom "burger" in the Coffee Garden. Thanks, Colleen, for the changes in the menu! Too bad they had to take my order 3 times to bring it out at all, then brought it out with an unidentifiable substance in it that turned out to be blue cheese (it was white and seemed like it could be a slice of some plant or fish).

I worked registration, and didn't do very much data entry. Some of the data entry was on a laptop! Which couldn't use an external ps/2 keyboard! Soon enough though, after I filed my nails down to manageable lengths, I did badge assembly/laminating most of the rest of the weekend, heehee.

Wait, Monday is becoming clear in my head. I got off work, moved heavy stuff (other than the fridge) to the car on a cart since there were carts available at 6:30am, slept a bit, then went to registration, which was already pretty well staffed. I got my registration weasel merit badge: Night hiking! heehee. I ran into a masseuse friend, whose daughter was being kitty-like, gave the daughter head skritches, then got a 20 minute massage that actually bruised me for the next few days.

I wanted to get people together to go out for dinner before going to work, but that just wasn't going to happen. I said good-bye to Nolly and others, then went off to work. I did make it to Dead Dog on my lunch break, and got a kiss that linked me strangely to Danny Elfman via a few intermediary people. There was even a nice conversation about the silly antics of badge counterfeiters over the years, including this year's person who bought a yellow Friday badge and went over it with a blue highlighter to try to make it green for a full weekend pass. It looked, well, laughable. :)

I'm sure I left out something important. There were quite a lot of nice hugs and conversations. I want to write a letter to the hotel for how uncharacteristically wonderful they were this year.