May 28th, 2003


post-baycon, post-work-week Wednesday

Dude, why am I still awake?
I know it's Wednesday, and it's the happy happy weekend again, and I don't have to work till Sunday night, but I've really stayed up late today. Things seem really interesting when I've been awake for 20 hours, and nothing is planned for the rest of the day.

I do have a dental appointment tomorrow at 2:10pm though. I've been trying to ignore this toothache and hoping it will go away, because it does go away, but then it comes back again, so I finally got an appointment.

I still have some money left, just need to pay the bills in the right order, so I don't pay something that can wait that gets in the way of something more important. It kind of reminds me of playing freecell... Soon, my federal return should come in, and that will be quite quite nice. I shouldn't make too many plans ahead of time for that money though. Hmmm, Torcon...