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19 June 2004 @ 03:23 pm
future cons...  
So much I could talk about... so little... I don't know, heehee. Where do I start?

How about the future? I'm still annoyed at Fanime for running against Baycon this year (and next year too!). So, coming up are:

July 22-25: San Diego Comic Con. I might go for some of it. It's ginormous, but fun, and I know someone in the area... (:
Sep 4-6: Kumoricon in Portland, Oregon. Small anime convention, 1.1 mile drive from Powells. Hmmm... I'm there if it works out.
Oct 29-31: Yaoicon in South San Francisco. I've been to all 3 they've had so far. It's small, fringe, gay, and in the neighborhood. Why not? There are even lots of Harry Potter fans... :o This year I'll try to get a room for friends from out of state to crash in...
Jan/Feb 2005: Anime LA in Los Angeles. Run by Chaz Baden, a new con that sounds promising. Count me in.
March 25-27, 2005: Anime Oasis in Boise, Idaho. I went this year, had a blast, and I'll be there next. It's quite a creative little con.
March ??, 2005: Recca Con, Los Medanos College, East Bay Area, California.
Current Mood: creative
Current Music: Ayashi no Ceres episode 13
"D" is for Doridzayde on June 19th, 2004 03:31 pm (UTC)
go to SD con, and I wil ltry to go to Yaoi con... I am moving to SoCal in md july, so it would be cool to see you at SDCon...
ashiashi on June 19th, 2004 03:38 pm (UTC)
Ah, you are moving :) Good luck.

Hmm I'm not scheduled for that Saturday, and it starts on a Thursday, so I could make most of it. I could drive down, and go home some time Saturday... it's seeming likely now.
"D" is for Doridzayde on June 19th, 2004 08:40 pm (UTC)
I think thats a fine idea!! It would be cool to see you!
ashiashi on June 19th, 2004 03:43 pm (UTC)
Yaoicon's new hotel is only a .6 mile walk down Millbrae Avenue from the Bart/Caltrain station. If I get a room, I may just Caltrain up for the weekend... depends on whether they have free parking, and whether I want to drive people around SF... though Bart will be handy for SF trips too...
Menollynolly on June 20th, 2004 01:04 am (UTC)
What about non-anime cons, like Conjecture?
ashiashi on June 20th, 2004 10:30 am (UTC)
Of course, I'm still planning on those too. :)
Conjecture, Orycon, and Loscon. Silicon conflicts with Kumoricon, so it's probably out this year.