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house stuff

Well, I made it through Baycon and had fun, and made it to 5.5 hours of Fanime (late at night, parody showings).

Now I am tackling my house. weepingmoon is moving in with me in a few weeks, and there isn't much room for him or his stuff. I have next Monday and Tuesday off. I have time to tackle this... I just need motivation, and a clear set of goals, which can be broken down into smaller tasks. Here are some goals.

Get rid of trash.

Get rid of things that I do not qualify as trash, but which have value to me low enough compared to their effect of being in the way of finding more useful things that I may as well get rid of them.

Find and clean all of my clothing. Sort out and donate clothing that is of no use to me. Do keep a few sentimental shirts that are now too small, and that one pair of jeans I repaired so many times in college that it's basically a quilt... if I find it. Place clean, usable clothing somewhere for easy access, and organize some method of depositing dirty clothing for the next round of washing.

Make the kitchen functional again. This involves moving stuff off of the stove, cleaning dishes, and imposing some sense of order.

Get rid of large things that take up too much space: the Pepsi machine (hi cheeseboy), the refrigerator (I will buy a smaller, more energy-efficient model), and the loft bed (hi thechick).

Set up all working computers in a nice, functional network with file and print sharing, all on something resembling ergonomic work space. Dispose of non-working, obsolete computer detritus such as the 486 HP Vectra. This can be an ongoing project.

Make room for the couch and TV that are moving in. TV is a strange concept to me. I may set up one of the PCs with a TV out device so some of the anime watching can be done on this TV thing.

Maximize living space for hanging out, online chat, eating at the table, reading, watching anime (and this TV thing), PlayStation/DDR, and petting the cat. Set up the bedroom as a comfortable space for sleeping and some storage of books and such.

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