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Anime Oasis report

Some AO highlights, in stream-of-consciousness order.

The guy cosplaying as Cthulu who people simple called "the tentacle monster," and people, umm, "encountering" the tentacle monster.

Kendra, from St. George, Utah, who let me teach her Fluxx and played three games with me.

Mastress and Buck were my roommates for the con, and were very pleasant and fun. Mastress brought some drinks. Orange Smirnoff Ice is a tasty malt beverage. It's 5% alcohol by volume, and I can drink about half a bottle at a time. I don't do alcohol much.

Unrestricted cosplay only had 5 skits, but it was enjoyable. Especially notable to me were the two girls cosplaying Final Fantasy characters who got an award and then kissed on stage, and Fat Bastard, who did a strip tease on stage and mooned the audience. Oh, and the tentacle monster chasing people around the stage.

The Indian restaurant we happened by, that let me have buffet to go, and whose was generally nice and friendly and understanding.

The thift store that had what I needed for my costume.

Lots of AMVs shown on an LCD screen and a projector. I wish I'd brought Hello Kitty Mortal Kombat to share and let them show.

Dancing to trippy techno. Dancing to a BoA video. Dancing to an AMV of SES's "Dreams Come True." Dancing on my knees with a group of people I don't know.

Buying a lifetime membership for $65.
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