ashi (ashi) wrote,

5 questions from thespatula

1. タダシ は わんゃん です か?
Romanized for your convenience (No, I won't translate it):
Tadashi wa wansan desu ka?

いいえ、ただし は にんげん です。
Iie, tadashi wa ningen desu.

2 タダシ の すき ごはん です か? 
(i think my grammar is totally wrong on that one, but you get the idea i hope?)
Tadashi no suki go han desu ka?

すきな ごはん は エチオピアン、すし、と カレー です。
Suki na gohan wa Echiopian, sushi, to karee desu.

3. YOu fall into a well and when you climb out you are in a strange forest and there a boy with puppy ears tied to a tree, what do you do?

WOw, are those real puppy ears? *poke* Hmm, I wonder what would happen
if I untied him and tried to pull this arrow out of his chest...

4. What was the name of your first Pet?

I have vague memories of a dog when I was growing up, but I don't remember hir name. I'll go with Turtley Turtle, who was a small water-dwelling turtle, much smaller than Captain Crunch, who showed up one day in my back yard.

5. Boo wants to know "Trill Mya?"

Purrrt. Nyao myu myu. Trrrrill?

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