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I have been friends with thassa for years on IRC. We traded hugs online most every day, and sometimes got to talking about things or shared addictive websites. He introduced me to several web comics and .

A few weeks ago, we noticed we hadn't heard from him in a while, so I sent off a postcard with a screen shot of my IRC window, with all of us wondering where he had gone and hoping he was well. I had his address because I sold him a couple of old hard drives in 2008 for cheap, and the name "Mar Deveaux." I also did a web search for that name, but I turned up nothing.

Friday night, someone asked me if I had heard anything back. I had not. I started to worry. I searched Google News for: Calgary Deveaux, and found news articles about a man who had been beaten nearly to death and left in the snow. He had died soon after he was found, and dental records had been used to confirm his identity. The name was Marcus Deveaux.

I searched around for a while before pasting a link to a news article in IRC. I wanted to be wrong. One news article mentioned that Marcus would have turned 38 in March, and that matched up with thassa's birthday in his Livejournal. Some people keep logs, and the last thassa said anything was on February 8, the day of the murder. He had not mentioned that he was going anywhere, and he was such a regular in the channel that that alone would have been surprising. There was plenty of shock and denial from everyone.

I finally slept about 5am to 9am, and then I called a number I had looked for Marcus's mother. I confirmed the address I had in Calgary matched. That was it. Our dear friend is gone.

Here is a post made by another IRC friend:;hl=deveaux#pid862435

I am a mess right now. Hugs would be appreciated. I will miss you greatly, thassa.

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