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free stuff

I'm getting rid of some stuff. I put a few things on Craigslist and got a few hits but no sales, and I'm lazy and not hurting for cash, so they're free. You pick up, or if I have to ship it, you pay shipping.

1. Original Apple iMac G3 computer. It boots up fine and runs software. It also
plays CDs.
I plugged it into my router, and I can't seem to get it on the network.
Hopefully you can get that working. I haven't tried the modem. It has a few
scratches on the screen and the case.

You could also make it into an aquarium / iMacquarium:

4. A PS/2 keyboard with built-in serial trackball. The cable actually branches off into the old larger keyboard plug and serial, and has an adaptor on it to change to PS/2. Made by Qtronix.

5. Two matching DVD players with at least one remote. One works better than the other, but I don't remember which. They have a menu hack so you can watch DVDs from any region.

Let me know here if you're interested, or email me, text me, IM me, or knock on my door. 408-515-4381, btw.

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