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Cafe Soulstice gone. :(

I sent the following email to Chef Elaina today, co-owner of Cafe Soulstice:

Hi. I stopped by Cafe Soustice in San Mateo recently,
and it looks like everything has been cleared away. I
tried calling, but no one answered. The website doesn't
have any updates.

I see you listed as the co-owner, so I was wondering if
you could let me know if Cafe Soulstice is gone forever.

Cafe Soulstice fan

and got this response:

Hi Todd,
I'm sorry to say that yes, the doors have been closed. We just
didn't have the funds to keep going.
You may or may not know, but there is a business right in Burlingame
called Que se Raw se Raw that serves organic, raw food dishes to go.
It's right next to The Good Earth Natural Food Store.
Also there is Cafe Gratitude in San Francisco if you are up for the
Good luck to you!

I'm sad to see them go. I used to eat there most every Thursday, days I drove to work. weepingmoon had a shake there once too.

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