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Kind of a wish list of stuff, some of which I'll be taking care of soon anyway. Figured I might get some useful comments or advice if I put it up here.

Cut for length, talk of spending money.

This part got me started about making a list: What I want out of my computers.


EEE. I love my EEE. I use it on the train on the way to and from work, mostly for watching anime and kanji practice. I want to add more storage and hack it a bit for fun and functionality. It's a 700 btw.

The Japanese laptop: I hardly ever turn the poor thing on any more. It could be handy for bringing to anime rooms for filler (when the schedule is a bit ahead) or AMVs... but really all of that could be done with the EEE as well. I might wind up selling it before it gets too old, slow, and big.


A server with several TB of storage, to use by myself and/or with a housemate. Will have at least a DVD burner and can be brought to cons I can drive to. Probably RAID 10, probably filled with 1.5 TB hard drives. Running Ubuntu. Likely ssh-able from internet.

My Linux box is fine for now as my main desktop. I do plan to add more storage, again, a 1.5 TB hard drive or two.

My web/ssh server is fine for now. I want to start making backups to the new home file server, listed above.

My Mac G4 1.25GHz is getting old and slow. I haven't turned it on in about a month, since my last power outtage. I'd like to replace it with, perhaps, a used or new Intel-based Mac Mini. It won't have as much storage, but the new home server will take care of that, and a Mac Mini will be faster and take up less space.

Having a PC running just Windows XP could come in handy for video editing and a few other things. It's a pain now to reboot my main desktop into XP. I'd also like a computer to play around with other OSs on, like the new open-source BeOS, FreeBSD, other Linux distros, etc. Could be the same as the XP computer.


A smaller, lighter projector that has better than my current 800x600 resolution. This is a big expense, but I can look around on Craigslist for one too. Also, a better set of small, portable speakers. I'd like to be able to fly somewhere and have most of what I need to run an anime room with me that'll fit more easily into a suitcase.


This is pretty much a must for driving around here in the summer: Getting a/c fixed. I have a spare compressor I'll have them put in. I also want to have the shocks checked, as I have to get alignment done about yearly. I want a good microphone for my car stereo's Bluetooth so people can actually hear me too.

Some day: A new car? My current car is about to hit 300,000 miles, but I'm sure it has a few hundred thousand left on it. Musts: Manual transmission or perhaps a continuously variable transmission (, air conditioning. Negotiable: Hand-crank windows. Power windows in my experience don't work that well as a car gets older, and they won't move unless the car is turned on. My ears are sensitive to pressure, so this is a big annoyance for me. I love hand-crank windows. Hatchback would be great. Something with great mileage/alternative fuel too, maybe a plug-in electric hybrid.


New flooring. I will likely do this this year. Requires me to move a lot of stuff around; will probably do one half of the house at a time. I have, in a way, pre-paid some labor to help me install it. Probably will be something hardwood or the like.

Gas line to the dryer: This has been put off way too long. I got an estimate years ago at $400, which sounded like a lot at the time. I'm sure it's more now, but it shouldn't hurt so bad to spend it now. The dryer takes an awful long time to work with no heat.

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