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BayCon 2009 Anime Room Schedule (preliminary)

So, I wrote a schedule. I may tweak it a bit, wanted to get some comments from people first.
Also, when I was writing it, I forgot that Funimation will be sending me screeners of Murder Princess and Heroic Age. I want to at least squeeze Murder Princess in there.

Cut for your sanity.

BayCon 2009 Anime Room Schedule

Greetings, fine citizens of Pyrocumulon. We offer for your viewing pleasure a look at other fascinating places across this world and beyond. The schedule has been designed such that the end of the evening's program can end based on attendance. If it's late and no one has been around a while, we may shut down early.

We intend to keep the show running until at least 4am each evening, except for Sunday night, which will run all night into Monday daytime.

Friday, May 22

08:00pm Scrapped Princess 1-4
09:45pm Eden's Bowy 1-4
11:25pm Heroic Age 1-3
12:40am Emma 1-2
01:30am Lyrical Nanoha 1-?

Saturday, May 23

08:00pm Nadia Secret of Blue Water 1-4
09:45pm Murder Princess 1-3
11:00pm Trinity Blood 1-2
11:50pm When They Cry 1-4
01:30am Lyrical Nanoha A's 1-?

Sunday, May 24

08:00pm Fullmetal Alchemist
09:45pm Maria Watches Over Us 1-3
11:00pm Steam Detectives
(programming continues through Monday)

Monday, May 25

01:05am Boogiepop Phantom v.1
02:35am The Third 1-4
04:15am Familiar of Zero 1-3
05:30am Galaxy Angel 1-2
06:00am Full Moon 1-4
07:50am Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 1-5
10:00am Aria the Animation 1-4
11:50am Nadesico 1-4
01:30pm Irresponsible Captain Tylor 1-4
03:10pm Escaflowne 1-?

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