ashi (ashi) wrote,

Shush, Christine.

So, on the way home from work this morning, I hit traffic, and became convinced that my car wanted to go on one big rampage before it dies, taking as many other vehicles with it as possible.

See, Ender is dying. Ender needs about $3000 worth of work done to him, which far exceeds his value. Among other things, he needs transmission bearings worked on, as well as the CV boot, whatever that is.

I don't think it helped his mood that the van in front of us was tailing the car in front of it and kept braking suddenly. I finally left several cars' worth of following space, and this seemed to calm Ender down a bit.

There is a line of bush leading part of the way down the street to my trailer park instead of sidewalk. It's a narrow road, and the bush part is dangerous for pedestrians. Even a dirt path instead of bushes would be an improvement.

To appease Ender's apparent thirst for destruction, I drove him through some of the bushes, after carefully checking for pedestrians. He appears to be appeased for now, and is adorned here and there by various shrubbery bits.

On a totally unrelated note, fall time change is annoying, because working 6pm to 6am can be 13 hours long. This is the end of a 49-hour work week. I wonder, when I recover, whether my car will continue to communicate with me.

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