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18 March 2009 @ 01:16 pm
Anime Oasis Evo  
I am still very bummed that Anime Oasis is moving to Memorial Day weekend for 2010. I really hope it's only for one year.

Anyway, Anime Oasis was a blast, and is still my favorite anime con. It was wakannai's first time at the con. Sara and Ryan and I have been plenty of times. We had parties Thursday night and Saturday night, attended lots of events over four days (all of them good), ate out once a day, and had a great time. I found the AMV contest a little disappointing, as over half the entries had subtitles from fansubs, and many had opening credits and TV station logos, but a few of the entries were very good.

One entry in the cosplay really blew me away. It involved a character in the back mind controlling the other characters to dance like puppets. As soon as it ended, I said, "That was creepy and beautiful." Someone posted it on Yout today, so here it is:

Edit: changed to the raw version with live audio and no added effects.

What you probably can't see is that the "puppets" have creepy blank stares.

Monday after the con, I probably should have taken the day off. While I sat waiting for several reboots on an instrument I was working on, I kept having bits of dream state.
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