ashi (ashi) wrote,

My favorite anime??

This was going to be a comment on fub's journal, but I ran into posting problems, "[Error: DBIx::StateTracker: could not reconnect to database @ w17]"... anyway...

My favorite anime? Hmm... Hmm... Hmmmm....

Well, my favorite anime this minute is Last Exile. It's beautiful. The characters are well-defined. The steam punk is really funky and cool. It's really beautiful. The story builds up and increases in pace over time. The characters are likable and have integrity. Did I mention how beautiful it is?

Runners up for favorite anime of the minute:
Seikai no Monshou / Crest of the Stars (and follow-ups): epic, beautiful, and cute.
Figure 17: wacky, fun cross-genre action/character development, and cute.
Full Moon o Sagashite: great music, cute, and hey, magical girl type plot.
Haibane Renmei: love the characters, sense of nakama, and cute.
Kanon: A fun emotional roller coaster with mystery, suspense, and cute.
Kokoro Library: Sweet and slow as molasses... did I mention I can eat blackstrap molasses by itself? Character development almost to the exclusion of plot... and cute.
Lupin III: All the fun of James Bond with more teamwork and fun.
Noir: girls with guns, and cute girls with guns, and Kirika.
Pita Ten: How do you make a plot as tangled as a soap opera and set it in an elementary school setting? Well, adding an angel and demon, both in training, helps. Cute!
Stellvia of the Universe: Ender's Game meets Azumanga Daioh!, in a good way! And cute.
To Heart: Sweet and slow and cute.
Touch: baseball, romance, and the girl next door, by my favorite artist, Adachi Mitsuru. Cute!!

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