ashi (ashi) wrote,

you're going to hit that car

thespatula and I made it to San Diego somehow. My car went 378 miles on under 11 gallons somehow. At Salinas, she was going to take over the driving, but hit a car somehow.

It was a parked car. I announced she was going to hit it, but she didn't react in time, and luckily only the bumper's paint was affected. It was right near an auto body shop that had just painted it, and we gave them $50 to repaint the bumper. :) Ender, my car, has a new dent, but that's not really a big deal for him...

L.A. was awful. I don't remember ever feeling that bad from smog before, and we got stuck in rush hour traffic, so we were there for a while. I did get to take the Fullerton Road shortcut, which was nice. We visited my mom for a bit, but she just had surgery, so she wasn't feeling great. We had dinner at Rutabeggorz and made it easily down to nolly's place without further traffic or accidents. I slept 10 hours without the aid of melatonin.

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