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24 December 2008 @ 12:47 am
So, a high-capacity battery for my 701 EEE came in the mail. The EEE wouldn't charge it either, so I switched to the used motherboard I bought on eBay.

Unfortunately, the SD reader is busted on that motherboard. Still, success: It charges batteries and runs off them just fine. I booted an SD Ubuntu EEE install disk using my Palm phone as a card reader (slow). I filed my nails while this loaded, and had to re-enable the card reader software early on to get the install to keep going. Wow, shorter nails help a lot with typing on this thing.

One of my mods will likely be to put in a working SD reader.
Weeping Moonweepingmoon on December 24th, 2008 04:01 pm (UTC)
I love you and your techy greekiness! Let me know when and if you are still gonna stop by on the 26 on your way down from Tahoe, especially if you a tired you are welcome to crash here. Will your kitties need to be checked on?
ashi: arrrr!ashi on December 24th, 2008 04:51 pm (UTC)
Aww, I love you too.

This EEE thing is neat. It's amazing how much you can put into a little 2 pound box now, and how much you can add onto it. Though it's another pound or two with the extended battery...

Yes, I am planning to stop by, likely hang out a lot of the day, on Boxing Day.

The kitties have enough food for about 4 days, and enough water for a month. You're welcome to check on / visit them though, if you feel like it.

Oh! BTW, want to take me to the Oakland airport on Jan 1? I got my Anime LA schedule, and I have to be on a panel at 4pm on Friday, lol. Flying would be easiest.
Weeping Moonweepingmoon on December 24th, 2008 04:58 pm (UTC)
Sure! LOL you crazy considering we are having the party lol
ashi: charybdisashi on December 24th, 2008 05:04 pm (UTC)
Crazy would be driving there after the party...
ashi: homer bowling ballashi on December 24th, 2008 07:52 pm (UTC)
Oh wow, that Friday is the 2nd. I could totally drive that. I'll check flights though too. Looks like SFO to LAX is about half of OAK to LAX for that weekend.
Weeping Moonweepingmoon on December 24th, 2008 08:45 pm (UTC)
I'll take you where ever
TJcheeseboy on December 24th, 2008 06:40 pm (UTC)
"Enough water for a month"

... Does that mean that they have a big white porcelin water bowl in the bathroom? :)
ashi: charybdisashi on December 24th, 2008 07:54 pm (UTC)
Actually I was thinking of the 2 litre or so jug/dish thing in the bathroom, plus the full rice bowl of water in the kitchen. I suppose since the seat is up, their water supply could last even longer.
the Chickthechick on December 24th, 2008 06:00 pm (UTC)
Woo! I am glad you go the computer working.
ashi: p-chanashi on December 24th, 2008 07:55 pm (UTC)
meee too! Aww it's so cute...
kmcnallykmcnally on December 25th, 2008 02:44 am (UTC)
bunny suit?
so I have to know, is the pic of you at your new job? Do you have to go into a "clean" room?
ashi: bunny!ashi on December 29th, 2008 03:37 pm (UTC)
Re: bunny suit?
Nope, it's a pic of me from two jobs ago at MMC (a division of Maxtor (now bought out by Seagate)). They made hard drive media. I went into the clean room most nights, sometimes several times a night. I did try to fix things remotely from my desk when I could. :)
ashi: bunny!ashi on December 29th, 2008 03:39 pm (UTC)
Re: bunny suit?
Oh right, here is the full pic.