ashi (ashi) wrote,

Fun with computers

So I rearranged my desk and set up the "new" computer. I found a huge night time panorama picture of some place in Japan and cut it up into 3 parts to fit the dual screens on the mac and one one screen on the new computer.

Then I played with x2vnc for controlling both computers with one keyboard and mouse before settling on synergy, which seems to work better. Now I can hop the cursor from one computer to the next as if I had one triple-screen computer. I just have to get used to ALT on my Linux keyboard working as the Apple key when I mouse over to the Mac.

Finally, I painted the new computer pink because I had pink and purple paint sitting around, and I've already had a purple computer. It wasn't until I was looking around for pink trackballs or mice that I found a Hello Kitty mouse on Amazon and figured I may as well make the computer Hello Kitty themed.

I even rigged up front USB hookups from spare parts I had lying around and a system badge. ^_^ I wonder what supersniffles (she whose color is pink) will think.

Pics behind the cut.


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