ashi (ashi) wrote,

Anthony's bad night

I went to church! Umm, 2 weeks ago, almost. It was nice. But this other story is fresh on my mind right now...

I was driving home from feeding Bart and Milhouse their cat food and stuff, stopped at Safeway for groceries, then drove around randomly. I decided to drive down Bascom towards Los Gatos, when I saw the Mini Gourmet. I remembered I was still dressed like a pirate because today (Friday) is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and decided that would be a great place to eat and talk like a pirate. Well, it was. I thought about the song "Wide Open Spaces" by the Dixie Chicks, and I suppose it fit with my random driving around.

I left and continued down a few more blocks in the direction of Los Gatos, thinking a 7-11 Slurpee would also be nice, when I saw a 7-11. I stopped in and got a Red Slurpee (cherry), when I heard the guy in front of me in line asking the cashier about something. Then he turned and asked me whether I thought gasoline would melt a 2-litre soda bottle. I said it would be fine, though I wasn't sure about fitting the nozzle in.

I paid for the Slurpee and started towards my car. The customer bought his Coke and asked me if I could help him. He wanted a ride to Hamilton Avenue to a gas station, and possibly back to the freeway.

I don't know exactly why, but I agreed to at least drive him to the gas station. His name is Anthony. He filled up the 2 litre bottle, gave me $6, called his girlfriend, and I drove him back to his car on 280. He shook my hand, and I drove off, thinking about how I hadn't felt a need to wait and make sure he got it started. He had nearly a gallon, and I figured he'd probably be fine, but I'd probably never have any further contact with him.

I drove home, set my slurpee down to collect some groceries, reached back towards the Slurpee, and picked up a cell phone that wasn't mine. I stared at it for less than a minute before it rang.

Some time tonight, Anthony will be calling me to find some place to meet to return his phone. Heehee.

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