ashi (ashi) wrote,

going postal

Thursday morning I went to mail cookies and get my OK Soda ready to be mailed as soon as I got the money from the eBay auction.

The box was over a pound, so it was $3.95 for priority mail. This also meant that when I woke up that evening, after the post offices had closed, I could not simply drop it off. Due to increased security measures, items weighing over 16 ounces (1 pound) and bearing stamps must be handed to a retail clerk.

Friday afternoon I went back to the post office with thespatula. There was a long line, and only one cashier, but a second person was offering to process pick-up items. Ade asked if it was okay to give her a package that was already stamped and ready to go. We handed it over. Whew.

Saturday afternoon I woke up to find that a CD I ordered had arrived and been brought into the house. There was also a box! I was expecing a video tape...

I was not expecting my package returned to me, with a note that because of increased security, all packages weighing over 1 pound and bearing stamps must be handed to a post office clerk. Arghh!!!

I raced over to the post office, knowing it was probably closed. It was. I used the payphone there to call 1-800 ASK-USPS. I got confused by the phone menu and wound up getting information on the post office I was at. At this point, I took the receiver from my ear and started trying to hit the phone booth with it. I missed, and I still have a scab on my left middle finger, right near but not on one of my knuckles.

Then I listened some more and discovered the office phone of the post office I was at hadn't closed yet! I called them with my cell and explained my situation. "I'm sorry, sir. If you could come back on Monday..."

"No, I work nights, and this is the end of my weekend..."

"Well, I'm about to leave the office for the day..."

"I'm at this post office right now..." I'm also leaving pretty much right after this work week for Toronto for the weekend... I'd have to apologize to the poor eBay buyer or send the can from frickin' Canada or something...

"Oh? Where are you? I'll come meet you."

She took the package and assured me it wouldn't get returned to me again. Ahh. I thanked her profusely and calmed down prety quickly.

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