ashi (ashi) wrote,

Death Note movie

I saw the live action Death Note movie tonight in Mountain View.

Argh, it was dubbed! It was well-done for a dub, so I didn't run away screaming, and it somehow didn't push my hate buttons too bad. But I'm going to write to Fathom Events about at least letting people know more when what they're showing is going to be a dub. At least live action foreign films tend to get the sub treatment, so I had hope.

The most annoying part of the actual movie was that a piece of paper or cell phone would be shown, taking up most of the screen, with dramatic music to go with the Japanese text... and there wouldn't even be a subtitle for that! The only subs in the actual movie were Japanese subs when a page of the Death Note instructions (already in English) was shown.

The "making of" short at the end was interesting. We got to hear some of the original dialogue (with subs!), and a bit of the dubbed dialogue. The director would start talking about the movie in Japanese, and a few words in, someone would start talking over him in an English translation. Does anyone else find that style of translation particularly annoying? Ugh!

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