ashi (ashi) wrote,

chocolate memories

Memories melting together like chocolate. Mmm.

I sent out some cookies. I'll send more out to other people some time after Torcon. Mmm, Toronto. Mmm, cookies.

cheesybunny convinced me it would be a good idea to take her to a concert not far from the places where we live. The catch is, she was at a conference an hour's drive away this weekend. An hour to the conference, an hour back to the concert, then another hour back to the conference, and an hour home. The band was Mr. T Experience. It didn't take much convincing.

The doors opened at 6:30pm, with 3 opening bands before MTX. We arrived at 10pm, not far into their set, as I counted at least 12 songs. They waved us in without making us pay as we'd shown up so late. Mmm... it was a good show. There was some tentative moshing that wasn't horribly out of control, though Debbie switched places with me so I'd be closer to the pit, and I did take a blast of sweat from this guy who was flinging his hair around. Ew.

Some of the money that would have gone to the show went to $5 t-shirts and a CD. We went to Shell, loaded up on caffeinated beverages, and went back to the conference.

The conference is a Unitarian teen thing that is more fun than I remember church youth activities being. I wound up hanging out till about 7am listening to new Debbie songs and sitting around and playing 10 fingers and chatting. I had so much fun that I will probably go to the November con officially as a con adult.

Slept, then got to see moonfroggy and chucklemagne and thechick at the park. We even played 10 fingers, which I had just learned. Basically, you say something you haven't done, and if anyone else has, they put a finger down. Depending on what you're going for, you try to be the first one to put all 10 fingers down and be out, or you try to get everyone else out first.

We went to moonfroggy's grandmother's house, and I stayed for dinner. It was fun and relaxing and tasty, and the conversation was good.

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