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about an American fan (me)

So, I met this guy at Comike (Comic Market, big big amateur comic convention in Tokyo) last year who makes his own anime, maybe one 20 minute movie per year. He goes by Ishikawa Pro (石川プロ). So yesterday, I decided to look for him on Mixi ( a Japanese social networking site), and found him easily. We exchanged a few notes. I told him I like his anime and that one title made me cry a bit, and he seemed impressed to be getting a note about his anime from a foreigner.

Today, he wrote this in his Mixi journal:



Today, I got a Mixi message from an American fan!
He watched "Otousan no Kutsu" (Father's Shoes) and cried.
Stuff like praise from foreigners makes me very happy.
Yahoo! (plus a very intricate smiley)

He got a lot of comments, including one asking if I were a beautiful blonde woman. If you have me on Mixi, you can easily find and view the whole thing, but I found his post amusing enough. :)

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