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time travel interview: me at almost 24

Today I'm interviewing the 23-year-old me from an early Thursday morning in June 1993.

"What am I doing here?"
"Hi, Todd. This'll just be a quick interview."
"How do you know my name? This place is a mess..."
"Never mind that. I want to hear about your little adventure at the beach tonight..."
"You look familiar. You... you're me! But older! Or maybe it's just the Vicodin... maybe I'm not really here..."
"I understand you, Suzanne, Carol, and Adam went to Linda Mar beach tonight."
"Tell me what happened."
"We were a little bit cold... we were lying down on the beach. I dug my feet in the sand to warm them up, and Suzanne was using me as a pillow. We were finally cuddling, and it was... it was very nice... "
"What do you think would have happened if you hadn't been interrupted?"
"How do you... well anyway, I don't know, probably would have stayed that way a long time, then gone back home... why are you smirking?"
"Sorry. Go on, Todd."
"This girl shined a light at us and asked us what time it was. Then a little later this light kept shining in our eyes. It was very distracting, and I was getting annoyed. Finally, while the light was on me, I stuck my tongue out in the general direction of the light. A moment later, suddenly, I was surrounded by kicking, and I don't know what all happened, but I broke some nails in there somewhere, and before I knew it, some guy handed me me glasses, but one of the lenses was gone."
"Oh yeah, it was one of those frames with metal over the top of the lense and like fishing wire on the bottom."
"Right. Uhh..." Uh-oh, he's looking at me funny again. "I thought we'd all gotten beat up. Suzanne helped me back to the car, while Carol and Adam went to Denny's to call for paramedics. I saw there was blood on Suzanne's face! I freaked out till she said, 'It's okay, Todd, it's your blood.' Hey, it wasn't that funny... We tried to start Carol's car, but it's an automatic, and I didn't know you had to have the brake down for it to start. Finally, the paramedics came and asked me lots of silly questions. 'Do you know what day it is?' 'Well, it *was* Wednesday....'"
"I'll bet Suzanne was relieved to hear you had your sense of humor back."
"Er, she was. Okay, Todd. This is obviously my, er, your house. Look at the pile of mail and junk on the kitchen table! Look at the dishes in the sink! Gee, there's the new Oingo Boingo CD, or it's new where I come from... there are my old Mash tapes!"
"Not again, younger Todd. Please let me finish this interview. This was a very important time in my life, and I have a few more questions."
"Okay, fine. Be stubborn; I should expect it. I had a feeling after all this that I would be spending a lot more time with Suzanne for a while... it's the kind of crazy event that can bond people together... obviously I was right, or this event wouldn't stay stuck in my... our head. Oh, and you can't have forgetten the whole Satan Hospital thing. They kept saying they were taking me to Satan Hospital, which was freaking me out, since I'd never heard of Seton Hospital before..."
"Yeah, that was a riot."
"Now I have some questions for you. I'm going to date her for a while, right? Kiss her?"
"Cool. Bet we're still a virgin. Or did you marry someone?"
"No, you're right."
"And still some kind of vegetarian? Did Linda finally talk you into becoming vegan?"
"Not long after you started dating Suzanne. Boy, was she pissed off... tried to shove a chocolate ice cream cone in our face..."
He glanced over at a calendar. "2003! This is ten years later! You must have your computer science degree! I'll bet you make a ton of money... wait, why are you telling me so much about the future? I'm not going to remember this, am I?"
"It's about time for you to go on to your next dream, Todd."
"No fair! There's so much I want to know... Oh, getting sleepy..."
He's fallen asleep, and started to fade away already. He caught on pretty quickly... maybe it was all the vicodin. Anyway, that was the real spark that kicked off my first real relationship, just before my 24th birthday.

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