ashi (ashi) wrote,

Not allowed to hug?

So I had this post all formulated in my mind and ready to post:

So, what is it with people not being "allowed" by their SO to hug anyone lately?

But before I could get around to posting it, I woke up. It's the first time I remember being in a dream and wanting to post to LJ, heh. I tried to hug three different friends in the dream and was told either they weren't allowed by their SO to hug anyone, or that they weren't allowed to hug me specifically. I'm very into hugging and found this very frustrating and decided to post. I was quite glad to wake up!

I have before actually heard someone in the waking world make reference to whether they're "allowed" to do something by an SO or spouse, and I've thought it was a strange concept, like moving on to a partner as second parent or something. Talking things over, coming to agreements together, seems much better and more equal to me.


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