ashi (ashi) wrote,

creative energy, cats, and horses, oh my

Ugh, feeling creative energy again, like I'm fit to burst if I don't do something with it soon.

Don't get me wrong... creative energy is a good thing... just really don't know what to do with it right now.

Hmm, I do need to eat for a few days with little money till my cheque comes on Friday. Maybe I can do something for now like available food in cupboards + small purchase + creative energy = fantastic eats! At least, something edible.

Other avenues of expression I have followed in the past include writing fiction, writing poetry, various types of art, web design, writing for, case mods, and at least once an online form of beat poetry. Maybe I should try some more beat poetry... I might have a future in it...

In other news, a cat (rockythecat) added me to his Livejournal friends list recently, so I added him back. Yes, I've met him.

And, does anyone know a good place in the SF Bay Area to go horseback riding? I plan to go with an old-fashioned gentleman who knows his way around horses rather well.

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