ashi (ashi) wrote,

So long Shebele, sick weird day.

Let me start off with... anyone want to have dinner at Shebele in downtown Campbell on Wednesday night? It's the last night Shebele will be open.

So, Charybdis woke me up this morning, and I realized I had way too little energy even for the morning, my sinuses were blocked o the left side, and I was all achey. I emailed in sick and went back to bed.

This afternoon I went into urgent care, and also told the doctor about a sore on the back of my left ear that had been bothering me for a few days. I got checked out, the doctor commented that I should sing after looking at my throat, and then set up to pop the cyst on my left ear. It was big enough that he gave me a shot to deaden the area, and I managed to actually squirt his jacket. I have the area bandaged up, and I need to go back in tomorrow. I got a doctor's note for work that said I can return Thursday, but I'm taking Friday off already, so I'm just going to rest all week before Yaoicon.

I returned a slim Mac keyboard at Fry's. It was worse than the keyboard I was replacing... remind me not to get a "slim" keyboard.

I went to Shebele because it's close to Fry's, and the server asked it I knew they were closing soon... ! I almost cried over dinner. I told him I've been going there for about 12 years, and he said I had only missed the first two years they'd been open. I asked about the special bread they make that I haven't seen anywhere else. It's called Kita, and is just made with white flour, a little vegetable oil, and a bit of water. They will make it on Wednesday since I asked for it.

I had my birthday there last year, with coffee ceremony. If we can get enough people together, maybe I'll request the coffee ceremony again.

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