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random disney vacation

Good things

TK (Tiki) Room
Flash passes
Fast passes
Deceptively short line for the Matterhorn
The Blue Bayou and their vegan options and cool, dark atmosphere in the summer
Rides that seat more than two people together
The Pirates of the Caribbean display at the Art Gallery
Ragtime Piano
Good-night Irene
Del Taco, despite the fact that asking for hot sauce twice = mild both times
Red Slurpees

Bad Things

Money problems
Hot air
Lack of air conditioning in the car
Deceptively long line for Splash Mountain
No Country Bears
No People Mover
Dole stand by TK room closing so early
Free Disneyland motel shuttle that goes there once and returns once and way before park closing

Odd Things

A 5-year-old girl on a leash
Little girl at our motel with a t-shirt that said "Bitch"
Sleeping at night
Innoventions at the old America Sings building & "future" stuff

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